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About Crunch

Welcome to the Crunch Developer Portal. Crunch provides a combination of expert advice and slick, powerful, and easy-to-use accountancy software developed in-house, making lives easier for thousands of freelancers, contractors, and small businesses in the U.K. Crunch has won an array of prestigious national awards, and recently beat the target of its first-ever crowdfunding raise, attracting the interest of investors seeing business growth potential from further product development.

We’ve recently expanded our software by launching our ‘Crunch Free’ software for Sole Traders and Limited Companies and have seen significant growth in our community. As developers at Crunch we’re aiming to make the software more accessible than ever by making our new internal API’s public.


Over the past few years we’ve been undergoing a significant rebuild of our software, moving over to a microservice based architecture and enhancing features as we go. This is all running on kubernetes which allows us to deliver new features to our clients much faster and with more reliability than we ever could before. We are now building on this momentum by rebuilding our public API. Crunch has provided a public API for well over 8 years but as our infrastructure has changed and standards have moved on we wanted to bring these new benefits to developers wanting to build on the Crunch platform. We’re now opening up our new Beta API for third parties and independent developers to use to create their own apps and integrations, with the first release including

  • Oauth 2.0 Authentication Journeys
  • Expenses API
  • Suppliers API
  • Banking API

Further API’s will be made available for use as our software rebuild continues.

Integration Marketplace

With the new API’s available one goal is to create an exciting marketplace of valuable apps and integrations that will be made available to our significant client base of small businesses and sole traders. We are currently working on a Zapier integration ourselves and are in talks with other providers, however if you would like to see a particular integration on our marketplace, or would like to build an app to make available to our users please get in touch below.

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